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Search Engine Optimisation For WIX websites!


Getting your WIX website online is the easy part.
Getting your WIX website FOUND online is the most important part!!

WIX SEO Services Your Business Can Afford

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When it comes to WIX - Search Engine Optimisation isn't an option... it's a MUST!

Let’s face it, when it comes to SEO for Wix, the platform has copped a bit of flack in the past for being a pain in the @## to rank in the search engines. Over time though, the team at Wix have poured their resources into improving the customisation of the platform.

This has levelled the playing field and allowed Wix users to be able to compete with WordPress websites by adding an SEO interface with all of the necessary search engine optimisation elements that you could ever need.

These interfaces that Wix offer are very helpful to the average Joe, but still only scratch the surface when it comes to competing with businesses that deploy entire marketing budgets to kick the competition to the curb.

To stay relevant in a world of ever changing search engine algorithms, there are skill that SEO professionals need to utilize on a regular basis to ensure you Wix website enjoys the traffic and conversions that it deserves.

Ongoing Keyword Research

Monthly Content Creation

Ongoing Reporting & Analysis

Everything Taken Care Of.. No Wukkaz

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What do WIX SEO services involve?

First thing’s first, no SEO campaign should kick-off without in-depth keyword research for your niche. Completing a full competitor analysis and discovering what works and what doesn’t will be the first step to unlocking the gaps in your specific market.


SEO for Wix also involves Wix specific tasks such as presenting any content that is inside images as plain text format. This is so the search engines can read any text that the user can also read and squeeze every last bit of SEO juice out of the page as possible.


Other Wix specific tasks is optimising the ratio of content to non-readable elements that is viewed on the page. Knowing how many words to present on a Wix page is crucial to not being detected by search engines as having thin content.


Ensuring that all titles, tags, meta are optimised for the correct keywords in the correct page position is also an important aspect of SEO for a WIX website.


Can we help with your SEO for WIX?

When it comes to SEO for WIX, we’ve got ya covered…
No Wukkaz!

Our experienced team stays up to date on the latest Wix features and search engines updates to ensure that we create as much value for our clients as we possibly can!

Our SEO experts professionals have a complete understanding of the SEO process from technical, to on-page optimisation to server side and page speed optimisation.

Our content is also written with SEO precision in mind to not only add value to your users but also create content that the search engines can’t resist!


Our WIX SEO Service Includes:

  • Ongoing keyword & industry research
  • 3x off-page citations or listings per month
  • 1x keyword optimised article written & published monthly
  • Monthly traffic reporting and analysis
  • Ongoing on-page optimisation
  • Monthly strategy session
  • Website improvements & suggestions
  • Google Business Profile created and integrated with website

No Wukkaz is the Australian way to say "Hakuna Matata".... It means no worries!

And when it comes to getting your business online, there will be no worries with No Wukkaz Web Design