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A Complete Guide to WIX website SEO Services

In today’s digitally advanced age, SEO (search engine optimisation) serves as nothing less than an absolute must for businesses worldwide. In fact, research indicates that SEO can reduce the cost of customer acquisition by 87.41% compared to digital advertising. At the same time, another one from the marketers’ perspective reported that 70 % of marketers tend to find SEO to be more effective than PPC.

To further carry this out effectively, many experts in the field now offer various search engine optimization services to help increase visibility and, ultimately, organic search traffic to your website no matter what platform or software that the website is developed on. One such platform on the market is WIX. 

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wix website seo services

What is WIX anyway?

With the constant evolution of technology, promoting businesses or services isn’t as easy as it used to be. To get this done right, you need to call in the big guns and do it right to gain maximum results. Wix provides a platform for creating websites based in the cloud. It provides a special technique for creating websites using various tools and templates which can be very simple to use compared to more traditional methods of web design. You can easily alter your website using drag and drop blocks and sections which speeds up the web design process and allows you the creative flexibility to create any website you want. 

Today, WIX has successfully secured a large chunk of market share and is considered one of the best website builders for small and medium-sized eCommerce enterprises. Plus, it allows you the opportunity to design the website for free with minimal web design experience required

Wix provides a huge selection of pre-made themes, making it even simpler for anyone to build a website. The WIX editor also allows you to start from scratch, and once you try your hand at designing your very own website, you’ll love it!

Can SEO be done on WIX?

DEFINITELY YES! Search engine optimization is essential for your website if you want your online business to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. If you are wondering whether WIX is SEO friendly, you need to know that WIX websites are constructed using the best SEO techniques, like dynamic rendering and automated caching, and a foundation that puts performance first.

It allows Google to crawl and index your website, which is the first step for your website to see on the search engine. This is simple to accomplish on WIX websites thanks to immediate homepage crawling and a direct connection to Google Search Console

It allows Google to crawl and index your website, which is the first step for your website to see on the search engine. This is simple to accomplish on WIX websites thanks to immediate homepage crawling and a direct connection to Google Search Console. 

It also automatically compresses photos, ensuring they are the ideal size for your website speed optimization, as google doesn’t tend to like slow websites that have large file sizes and lazy load speeds. Additionally, 82% of people who have used WIX’s SEO tools have claimed that their websites have received a boost in the organic search results.

Is a Wix website good for SEO?

Yes! Wix Websites are SEO friendly and have a great selection of SEO tools to support your website’s search engine optimization campaigns. This has demonstrated by frequent WIX users, open SEO competitions, and our in-depth analysis of its SEO tools.

The ability to alter the default URL structure, personalize the names of subdirectories, update, remove, and even build a flat URL structure makes it beneficial for SEO. The major plus about WIX is that optimizing your website does not require any knowledge of code. 

How much do WIX Website SEO Services cost?

SEO is one of those services that can drastically vary in depending on the intensity of the campaign and the quality of the service being provided.

Wix website SEO services will be very similar in cost to websites that have been developed on other platforms such as WordPress or Shopify. The only difference is the on-page techniques that will be required.

In Australia, SEO campaigns can start from as little as $400 per month with a simple on-page or backlinking campaign. Larger campaigns that can include on-page, technical, off-page, GBP optimisation and a targeted content strategy can be priced at anywhere up to $2,000 – $3,000 per month.

Top five SEO tips to boost your WIX Website’s SEO:

While there are various ways to improve your WIX website’s SEO, the most important ones are listed below

Select the appropriate URLs: 

The name of your website is the most crucial step to choose before launching it. This is the URL that visitors will use to find your website. When someone visits your website, it’s one of the first things they see. Google may also looks first when determining how to rank your site and its relevency. The URL of your website should contain your business name.

Make use of anchor text:

The clickable text on a hyperlink, known as “anchor text,” allows users to go directly to another web page on your website or any other website on the browser. Although anchor text is a fantastic approach to improve your SEO, you should be aware that excessive linking or anchors that don’t benefit your users may cause Google to raise some red flags.

Write perfect headings:

Your website should contain titles, subtitles, and other headings for each page. If you use the proper text structure, search engines will comprehend your material more clearly when they crawl your page. 

Select your titles and headings carefully, and don’t forget to use your primary keywords that are relevant to the content you’re presenting. Search engines will find it easier to understand the information on your site if your material is organized clearly.

Publish top-quality content:

One strategy to boost your SEO is producing quality content that will help your website rank for more search phrases and pages. Hire professionals to produce your material. For example, if you’re blogging about a specific business or industry, make sure to obtain a contributor with industry knowledge.

Research Keywords:

If you aren’t focusing on keywords, your website won’t rank. One of the basic things you’ll want to know when selecting a keyword to target is the term’s meaning. Choosing the proper keyword is important for your brand’s perception, visibility, and ranking.

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